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ZhenDe Connector(DongGuan)Co.,LTD was established in July 2001 which is a branch of WenZhou YiHua Communicated Connector Co.,LTD,we are professional manufactured connector computer such as USB IEEE1394 HDMI,and UL & USB 2.0 approved. Powerful development and strictly quality system lead our product are sold well in USA,UK,France,Germany,Italy,Japan etc.Many World-famous companies as FOXCONN,UNIDEN,Delte etc have chosen us as their OEM supplier. Over 2...
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USB-A1D11M-4N-USB A 公 DIP90度
USB-A1S02M-4N-USB A 公 四件式 焊线式
USB-A1M24M-4N-USB A 公 沉板式
USB-A1M22M-4N-USB A 公 沉板式 鱼叉脚
USB-A1S23M-4N-USB A 公 短体焊线式
USB-A1D04F-4N-USB A 母 侧插 DIP90度
USB-A1D06F-4N-USB A 母 DIP90度 无后盖
USB-A1D12F-4N-USB A 母 DIP90度 沉板式
USB-A1D13F-4N-USB A 母 沉板 DIP90度
USB-A1D28F-4N-USB A 母 DIP90度 全包
USB-A1D41F-4N-USB A 母 DIP180度
USB-A1M07F-4N-USB A 母 SMT 铁脚步DIP90度
USB-A1S09F-4N-USB A 母 焊线式 半包
USB-A1S11F-4N-USB A 母 焊线式 全包
USB-A2D06F-8N-USB A母 双层 DIP90度 全包
USB-A2D09F-8N-USB A 母 双层DIP180度
USB-A2D16F-8N-USB A母 双层 DIP90度 无后盖
USB-A2D20F-4N-USB A 母 双层 DIP90度 沉板式
USB-A2D22F-8N-USB A 母 双层 DIP90度 外包铁壳
USB-A2D F-8N-USB A 母 双层 DIP90度 有后盖
USB-B1S01M-4N-USB B 公 三件式
USB-B1S02M-4N-USB B 公 短体焊线式
USB-B1D05F-4N-USB B 母 DIP180度
USB-B1S02F-4N-USB B 焊线式 母座
USB-B1D07F-4N-USB B 母 DIP90度
MIN-B1S25M-4N 公头
MIN-A1S04M-4N-mini usb 4P 公头 四件式
MIN-A1M02F-4N-MINI USB 4P 单防呆 SMT 母座
MIN-A1M03F-4N-MINI USB 4P  双防呆 SMT 母座
MIN-A1M01F-4N-MINI USB 4P 中防呆 SMT 母座
MIN-A1S10F-8N 公头
MIN-A1M01F-8N 母座
IEE-A1D02F-4N-1394 4P DIP90度 母座 两只铁脚
IEE-A1M09F-4N-1394  4P SMT 母座
IEE-A1D01F-4N---IEEE1394 4P DIP90度 四只铁脚 母座
IEE-A1S01M-4N-IEEE1394  4P 四件式 公头
IEE-A1S01M-4N-IEEE1394  4P 焊线式 公头
IEE-A1S01M-6N-IEEE1394 6P 焊线式 公头
IEE-A1S02M-6NIEEE1394 6P 短体焊线 公头
IEE-A1D10F-6N-1394 6P DIP180度 母座
IEE-A1M21F-6N-IEEE1394 SMT 母座
IEE-A1D24F-6N-IEEE1394 DIP90度 母座
IEE-A1S14F-6N-IEEE1394 6P 焊线式 母座
IEE-A1D18F-6N-IEEE1394 6P 侧插 DIP90度 母座
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